Applying patch on PostgreSQL on Linux

Step1: Download the patch from

Note: Applying the patch requires that you have the source tree downloaded

and can build from there.  If you've installed from a package, then

you'll need to run the pg_config command that comes with your package.

 It's often part of the -dev or -devel package.  That command will

tell you all the switches used to build your package.

It's often much better to test this patch on a non-production machine,

so go to another machine and get the latest PostgreSQL package that

matches your major version.  I.e. if you're running 8.3.5 in

production you'll want to download 8.3.15. 



Step2: Untar it and then cd into the src directory and apply the patch:


patch -p0 < patchfile


see if it applies.  If it complains about

the file not being in the right dir or other we'll

go another way to patch.


Step3: After that, in the main postgresql directory run configure


./configure --switchsettingsfrompg_config_go_here


sudo make install

Step4: Patching Completes


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