Below script is useful in getting CPU, memory and core, socket information of a database server from SQL prompt.


set pagesize 299
set lines 299
select STAT_NAME,to_char(VALUE) as VALUE  ,COMMENTS from v$osstat where stat_name  IN ('NUM_CPUS','NUM_CPU_CORES','NUM_CPU_SOCKETS')
select STAT_NAME,VALUE/1024/1024/1024 || ' GB'  ,COMMENTS from v$osstat where stat_name  IN ('PHYSICAL_MEMORY_BYTES')


STAT_NAME                        VALUE                                       COMMENTS
-------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
NUM_CPUS                         256                                         Number of active CPUs
NUM_CPU_CORES                    32                                          Number of CPU cores
NUM_CPU_SOCKETS                  4                                           Number of physical CPU sockets
PHYSICAL_MEMORY_BYTES            255.5 GB                                    Physical memory size in bytes

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