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STR Enterprises is a Technology Consultancy in Bhopal, India, partnered with AFCO (Advanced Foundation Trading & Contracting Co.). We address challenges found in different verticals of the IT domain. Our objective is to provide a suite of comprehensive IT services and solutions to organizations at minimized costs. We cater to the challenging and growing demands in the area of software application development for small, mid-size and big enterprises.

What We Offer

Web Application Development

At EraAzi we address challenges found in different verticals of the IT domain. Our objective is to provide a suite of comprehensive..

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Architecture Solutions

We provide the architecture to fulfil your specific project related objectives. Our Architects have precise knowledge an expertise...

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Database Solutions

We help you decide the best Database service which best suits to handle you application/ website data...

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Project Manager

In order to resolve any sort of problems that might arise at the time of project development, we appoint a Project Manager on day one to ...

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Server Support (Linux/ AIX/ Windows)

As a leading IT solutions and development company, our priority is to provide development that is reliable, scalable and strong. We ensure ...

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Testing and Support

QA testing is an important aspect of custom application development where our QA specialists test each and every component and area ...

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Web Development

At EraAzi we develop web applications and Websites that help you grow your business with smoothness of technology...

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Custom Application Development

EraAzi is best place for developing tailored Websites and Applications for your business needs. Web, cloud, mobile, desktop...

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Content Management Services

EraAzi brings together the industry best practices and data for an integrated strategic approach to content management...

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SaaS Application Development

SaaS (Software as a service) is a cloud hosted and managed model where customers (users) can access your services remotely ...

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Database Development/ Management

Database is the heart of a software application. We develop and support Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS etc....

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Design Services

At EraAzi, we deliver expertise and best practices in IT Design services through an architectural approach...

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Solution for Education / and Govt. Units

EraAzi Helps the you to make your Educational system digital with the Apps and Websites to smoothen the Teaching & learning processes... view more

Solution for Retail & E-commerce Industry

Buy our ready to use shopping cart and E-commerce portal or get it tailored from us and enjoy the smoothness of your business operations

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Solution for Travel & Tourism Industry

We have Web apps and applications that support Travels and Tourism industry exceptionally. Create best performaning industry with our...

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Solution for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is about designed ideas for customer service with style. Use Our applications to boost your business ease and ...

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Solution for Healthcare & Fitness Industry

In Healthcare, our Software Solutions are beginning to enable medicinal services with no hassle and great smoothness ...

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Solution for Real Estate Industry

We create tailored Real estate software to help you grow your business online with high perfomance ...

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